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An ADA Digital Accessibility Website

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law in which places of business (like a website) need to be accessible, or it discriminates against people with disabilities.

ADA Compliance Levels

Level A(Minimum)

This includes items like :
Add alt tags to media, correct headings and title tags, scalable font, appropriate page color contrasts, appropriate button names, non-text, captions, audio descriptions, media alternatives, parsing, sensory characteristics, & meaningful sequence, to name a few.

Level AA(Mid)

This includes everything from level A with: reflow, don’t use images of text, text spacing, content on hover or focus, multiple ways to find pages, consistent navigation, consistent identification, visible control, error suggestion, & error prevention, to name a few.

Level AAA(Highest)

This includes everything from level A and Level AA with: adding Sign Language to videos, identifying purpose, contrast, low or no background audio, visual presentation, defining abbreviation, reading level that users from 9th grade can understand, and so on.

For more information, follow this link about ADA Compliance:

 W3C Web Accessibility Initiative WAI

ADA Added To All Bronze Maintenance Packages

All websites we build for our clients are at or above Level A compliance with the goal set for Level AA compliance. The challenge is staying compliant as laws or technology changes.

Our Bronze maintenance package for our website clients comes with ongoing ADA compliance checks and adjustments. We also add an accessibility statement to your website showing your compliance with ADA standards!

Due to the complexities of the ADA law and its many loopholes, we are not held liable for any lawsuits that may occur due to a website not being ADA-compliant. However, we have teamed up with AccessiBe.  AccessiBe assists in web accessibility, simplifying and streamlining the process of becoming accessible and compliant using AI, machine learning, and computer vision.

The Benefits

Peace Of Mind

Staying compliant with ADA standards provides peace of mind of knowing your website and business are putting their best foot forward.

Treasure Chest Filled With Gems

Protects Your Company

Protect your company from possible lawsuits by showing an accessibility statement on your website and by having a dedicated team working on ADA.

It is Kind & Loving

Besides being legally compliant, your website and business will be assessable to those with disabilities and keep your business's core values shining.