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Press Release For SEO

When we first started developing websites, our business was called LionHeart Development (we recently changed to Gem Website Designs to reflect our commitment and dedication to our local community and area), and we had a press release. So what is a press release, and why are press releases suitable for online marketing and businesses for short-term buzz?

What is a Press Release?


A press release is a piece of newsworthy information on your business given to journalists in the US or around the world. They help distribute information regarding your company or any number of things.

Press Releases got a bad rap in SEO since many companies were using it to drive traffic to their Website but had nothing essential to say – they were using it for backlinks. If you send a press release, you must have something important to say. It would be best if you made it genuine and “worthy” to be shared; Google does not appreciate blackhat SEO, nor will your Website rankings.

Here is an example of a press release we sent out.

We had something to say and wanted to get the news out there. Remember that this is not something you want to do all the time from a cost perspective. It should only be for essential news items.

Did your business move?
Did you redesign your Website?
Did you add a new service to your business?

These types of things. Depending on what kind of press release you do, this can set you back $200 – $800 per press release – so from a marketing perspective, it has its place, but don’t overdo it.
As you can imagine, the higher the quality of the information you send. The better chance it will have of being picked up by a newspaper, journalist, blogger, etc.


Jump Start Your Business

So from an online marketing standpoint, Press Releases are an excellent way to start some buzz quickly on your business. There are a few options for press release distributions, but is an excellent option to check out if you want to get some short-term buzz on your business. There is also

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