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Top 3 Missed SEO For New Businesses

When you are starting a new business, there are a few items that go forgotten but are essential to your business. Let us go over the top 3 forgotten SEO steps to do when starting a new business.
Google My Business Account

If you are not on Google, I would argue that you don’t exist. You think your business exists, but your business does not exist for everyone outside your circle of family and friends. They have never heard of you.
With a Google My Business account, your business will appear in Google search maps and help your rankings (be found easier).

One of the first steps (other than ‘legally’ being a business) is signing up for a Google My Business Account. Make sure when you sign up for an account that you are thorough and leave no spot unfilled. You can sign up here: Google My Business

Google Analytics

First and foremost, you HAVE a website, right?β€”a step no business owner should ever miss. In case, for some reason, you do not have a website, visit this website andΒ see what we have to offer, and contact us if you have any questions or would like to proceed. Ok, shameless plugin over. It would be best to track how customers find you, how long they stay, what device they use when seeing you, and all those incredible bits of information. Knowing your customer is the first step to selling to your customer. So make sure you sign up for Google Analytics; here is an excellent article on how to do it step by step.Β

Β If you do not have a WordPress site, you can read about it here:

Online Directories

Since finding your business and website online is SO important, you must ensure your business can be located. So please, a word of warning, do not sign up for one of those ‘pay us $50 a month, and we will put you on every listing on earth’ sites; you may know what I am talking about. If not, just be warned, say no.

This is because search engines penalize ‘spam’ websites. If you were no one yesterday and now, in 24 hours, you are on 100+ online directories, what do you think Google will think? This Smells scammy to me too.
Do this naturally, which means manually (trust me on this). If you do not want to do it, pay your child or grandchild to do it to fill out these forms for you. Keep in mind that your business is the SAME in every directory. Meaning the same name, phone number, address, and the same category of business. If not, Google will get confused about what you are…, and we don’t want Google to be angry (#GoogleHulk)
The sites you are looking for are only reputable online directories. Some sites are: (with links)
Bing Local
Yahoo Local

Perhaps you can think of more; think of well-known online directories in which you can put your name, address, phone, and business category. Then, think of some industry directories that you can signup up for. These are free directories; don’t get pulled into paying money for something when you were only looking to get your information on it.

This will help a lot in making sure when someone is typing in your business name, search engines know who you are. (keep in mind these are just starting points for you-these will help you get a good start as a new business) (for more advanced tactics- talk to us)

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