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Online Security Is Vital

It can be dangerous online if we are not careful. Here are some tips to keep ourselves safe and our loved ones as we navigate the world through technology. Especially, when we are using it for our business. We want to make sure everyone’s information is secure.


Make sure your passwords have length and different types of characters. Please do not use names of family members, pets, cities, phone numbers, favorite movies, colors, food, song, or standard keyboard patterns. And please don’t use the same password twice.
If you have a hard time thinking of a good password, there are password managers like Bitwarden that you can use to generate and store passwords for you.
And one more tip, be careful about filling out those social media questionnaires. Example: what I was doing ten years ago or my top 5 favorite things, etc..… These questionnaires give information to hackers.

For more tips on passwords, here are some links

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency-security tip Safety Net 

Project-Passwords: Simple ways to Increase Your Security

Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself

Public Wi-Fi

It is a perfect way for hackers to access your personal information. Please, don’t access personal bank accounts or sensitive personal data when using public Wi-Fi. These networks are risky! It is safer to use your cellular data because the data you send is encrypted. You can also use a VPN app (a virtual private network) that offers encryption.

For more information on Public Wi-Fi, here are some links:

Here’s Why You Should Be Careful About Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

The New York Times- Beware Free Wi-Fi

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Advice-How To Safely Use Public Wi-Fi Networks


Social Media

Social Media is a beautiful way to connect with friends, family, and customers. But when using social media, we must be careful what we post. Not only could it give hackers information, but it could invite unwanted guests into your house. There are millions of people on social media. As business owners,
your social media may be open to everyone, so we may not know who is viewing it. We want to be inviting and connect with our customers, but we must protect ourselves and our families.

For more information on Social Media safety, here are some links:

Carnegie Mellon University-Information Security Office

Hp-The Importance of Updating Your Software and Hardware Regularly

Software Updates

Is it essential to update your devices when a new update comes out; why? It patches security flaws. Software updates protect your devices from malware that hackers can put on your device. It also updates you on new features, protects data, and improves performance.

For more information on software updates, here is a link
Hp-The Importance Of Updating Your Software and Hardware Regularly

External Backups

External Backups for your website are used to protect yourself from ransomware (or just messing something up on your website); you need to have automatic backups to an external server (not on your server) of all your files (email and website). This will give you added peace of mind that you can get your data back if something goes wrong. This is why all our hosting packages come with daily external backups!


Sum Up For Now

As society gets further into technology, it is essential to know how to navigate it safely. These are only a few ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe online. This is especially important for business owners. We want to keep our customers as safe as possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are happy to help.

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