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An Effective Website Action Button

When someone lands on your website, you must consider why they are there. Are your potential customers there because they have never heard of you and want to learn about your company? Are they comparing competitors, ready to buy, or are they already customers?

These questions will help you in positioning an Action button or a Call-To-Action Button appropriately. As the name suggests, action buttons are there to help your visitors to take action. According to “the buttons you use in your website and on your landing pages is to guide users towards your goal conversation.” For example, do you want them to buy a product? Fill out a form? Do you want them to consider your unique value proposition?

Without a purpose, your website is just a billboard and only informational. However, when you consider the visitor’s journey and why they arrived, you have a better chance of increasing your website’s conversion rate.

How are most of your visitors finding your website? You can look at your Google Analytics data to find out. For example, most of your website traffic comes from searches of your branded name. This would indicate that most of your visitors are existing customers and possibly word-of-mouth referrals (using traditional marketing with branded information could show how effective your ads are).


Using Data

Using data to create a marketing journey helps you make better choices. Of course, this does not replace using a professional web developer. The significant difference between an amateur and a professional is planning. Taking the time to research and plan using data will help you make better website design choices and use an action button more effectively.

If you make your action button appeal to most of your visitors, with the direct purpose of doing their search and visit easier, not only is that a useful web purpose, but your leads, sales, or up-sales will be higher. Please get in touch with us here at Gem Website Designs if you need assistance on how to do this. We would be happy to help! 

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A Call To Action Buttons

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