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Colors Are A Powerful Tool

Why Is the color you choose essential for your website? I love looking at colors found all around us. Colors are powerful; they can stir emotions and connect the world around us. This is called color psychology. According to London Image Institute, “Color psychology has become a popular area of color theory that assigns emotional and psychological connotation between colors and emotions.” “Whether you like a color frequently depends on childhood memories and your association between colors and feelings.”

How can we apply this to websites? Colors play an essential part in building a strong, relatable brand. The colors on your website can stir emotion and influence how customers feel and think about your business. As a business owner, it is not just what is my favorite color. According to UX Design, “branding your website with the right colors can generate more traffic and lead to more sales.” Colors make a significant impact on your revenue!

Here are some links where we got this information and if you want to read more about the world of colors and their importance to your brand.

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