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Website Hosting

Hosting is a critical step for a successful website in the Treasure Valley. Speed and security are the most important factors when choosing a hosting provider. Don’t worry; we have you fully covered.

Website Hosting Services

Hosting a website should not be complicated. You have a business to run. We keep things straightforward and provide everything a great WordPress hosting package needs to be successful and legally compliant (like auto-updating legal policies!)

No more asking yourself, “Is this the right hosting package?”. We make it simple. Yes, this is the right one.

We provide all the services you need for your website to be successful. 

Why Host With Gem Website Designs?


Security is vital for emails, website content, logins, credit cards, and all the information in between. Therefore, each hosting comes with a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate.

Treasure Chest Filled With Gems


Get legal policy updates, plugin updates, & security checks built into every hosting package.


If you compare our hosting to popular premium WordPress hosting plans, speed tests show our WordPress sites increased by at least 25% & up.