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How To Get Customers Reviews

You know how critical reviews are when you are a business owner. Of course, they help with SEO, but reviews help shape your business; everything in a review has an impact. “With the era of social media, your brand is defined by those who experience it.” According to social media expert Brian Solis in an article in Forbes.
Then how can we get customers to review us? It’s all in the customer’s journey. It is essential as business owners to have reviews implemented in your business model.

The Journey

To start, I would think about the best time to ask for a review of your business. Is it right after your customer finishes their transaction? Is it a couple of days after they use your product? It is good to think about your target market and how they feel. We don’t want to be pushy, but it is essential to take the initiative. Also, who is asking for the review? Is it the manager? The main staff? Do you offer your staff incentives to ask for a review? Be careful not to incentivize customers to review your business since this is against Google’s Review Policy. Then there is the simple fact that people get busy and may honestly forget when they want to support your business. So how many times do you ask for the review? Just one time? Or would three times a month time frame be best?

Make It Easy For Your Customer

Another essential part of the customer journey is when they leave a review; how easy is it for them to do so? Again, it is necessary to identify your target market. For example, a 20-year-old single lady may leave a review for their hair stylist right on her phone by finding your google business page, but a busy 32-year-old mom may not have the time, so a simple link to follow on her email may be better. Remember, you don’t need a Gmail anymore to leave a review, just a Google account with any email address.

Make It Easy For You-The Business Owner

Remember, it is all about business systems. The more automatic things are there will be one less “to-do” for you to think about. You don’t always have to have your staff ask for a review. It may be best to have an automatic review text or email sent to the customer when they finish the transaction. You can use review platforms and services to help collect reviews. And don’t forget you can also have a review section on your website for them to follow the links to leave reviews on different platforms.

Negative Review

If you receive a negative review (your fault or not), it is all in how you handle the situation. Remember to remain calm, don’t add more fuel to the fire. You do want to respond to the negative review, but not out of emotions. Remember, consumers want to see how you react to it. They will think it is true if they don’t see a response. It also shows how professional you are and you care and want to communicate. This will help you gain other customers’ trust when you handle the situation correctly. Remember getting a bad review is not always a bad thing according to Vendasta in the article “Ultimate Guide to online reviews” on Semrush.com, “30% of people assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews.” Also, remember, if you did do something wrong, don’t you want to fix it to help your business grow? I know it can be a hard pill to swallow, but we all have been there, and it’s best to fix it for the next client so your business can grow.

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