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According to forbes.com, “The Vast majority (99.9%) of businesses in the United States are considered small. Half of them are home-based firms, and one-fifth are family-owned businesses, but as a whole, small businesses make up a significant portion of our economy-65% of all new jobs since 2000 have come from small businesses. Despite their importance, running day-to-day small businesses isn’t easy, and most founders struggle to turn their dreams into success into reality. Only half of the small businesses survive until their fifth year, and only a third are still around after 10 years.” Running your own business takes time and planning. We don’t want you to become a statistic, so here are some factors to keep in mind when starting that are needed to implement in your business that your website can help achieve.

1. Target Demographic

Your Physical Business
Understanding what your customer’s needs are is essential. If you don’t, you may risk your services/product to people who don’t need it. Remember, you can’t serve everyone, nor does everyone need or want what you offer. Furthermore, your branding must appeal to your target demographic and distinguish you from competitors.

Your Website
How to apply this to your website? First, your website embodies your brand and explains your business. But it is also vital to consider how your brand and content will match your target demographic. For example, if you provide a service or product to professionals, you may want to avoid slang words or visual effects with glitter throughout your website. However, compared to a product for everyday families with children, it may need to be more engaging with fewer technical words with glitter.

2. Financial Goals

Your Physical Business
One reason people start businesses is to be financially secure with flexible hours. Therefore, it is good to consider who, what, where, when, and how you will reach your income goal. Your goal may include smaller goals that keep you focused until you reach the final desired outcome. They are like stepping stones.

Your Website
In our modern age, everyone understands the importance of having a website. However, how you create your website is as crucial. A website is the digital epicenter of your business. It is a 24/7 employee that will establish credibility by creating an online presence that can drive traffic to your business. When you establish your website properly in time, your business will grow. Especially using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will assist search engines in driving consumers to your business.

3. Don't Do Everything By Yourself

Your Physical Business
When you start your business, you will rapidly realize that you cannot accomplish everything independently. There is so much to do & learn that it can get overwhelming. This is why building a team to delegate tasks will take the burden off of you, and you and this will help create a support system.

Your Website
We understand that when starting your business, money can be limited. That is why many find a cheap option to build their website. However, they need to be thinking long-term. DIY often looks cheap and can be perceived as untrustworthy. Also, there is so much to learn about websites and to consider, like designing for your target demographic, legal policies, ADA laws & compliance, SEO, Website speed, responsiveness, security, and dozens of other items needed to create a profitable website. So, it may be cheap initially, but it will cost you and your business more in the long run. How?

First, it can rob you of potential future customers, customers you never knew would have bought from you had you gone with a professional website developer. Also, laws about websites are constantly changing, and fines for violation of privacy laws start at $2 500 per violation (Per website visitor!) That is a lot of money and headache you can save. Therefore, it is vital to have a web team back you up and ensure your website is working for you, not against you. It will save you time and money in the long run.

4. Take into consideration Your Customer's opinions.

Your Physical Business
When you own your own business, it is hard to accept people’s thoughts about your product or service, but if your customers are not happy, you will not be successful. Taking the time to discover and understand your target demographic’s wants is vital for growth; even with the most challenging customers, you can learn something.

Your Website
When designing your website, it is not how you think it should look or feel or even flow. What appeals to your target demographic is what you want to implement. Remember, too, you might design your website one way, but with time and data, you may need to make changes. For example, your favorite color may not work, or it may be a picture with a special meaning to you that may have to be switched out. These are all hard facts we may have to face to be successful in business. Also, consider how one is experiencing your website. For example, is it easy to make an account or to check -out if you have a store? One way to learn is by looking at website analysts to understand how your customers find you, what they are doing on your website, How long they are staying, what pages they are looking at, and so forth. When you have data, you can make the right changes to see success.

5. Expanding

Your Physical Business & Website
Sometimes business owners will enjoy early success, but be careful in getting too excited and expanding too quickly. You never know what tomorrow will bring. It takes time to see patterns and to be able to adapt to your target demographic. So it is crucial to plan for long-term success. Your website goes hand in hand with expanding. You may get noticed immediately, but it will more likely take time for your website to get noticed. This is not something you will see overnight. SEO can help speed things up, but it takes search engines time to know what you do and establish organic backlinks. Also, it may take time to learn what keywords and phrases to use to reach your target audience. But your website is the asset that will speak for you, attract your target demographic, and develop a more consistent, profitable business in the long term.

It is critical to keep this in mind when creating your website. Create it so that you can expand your business and be able to match your target demographic—a quick pro tip. Your target demographic might change as your business grows. You will need the ability to add or create pages or content as needed. Maintaining your website is also essential for success. Visit our article “Getting the Most Out of Your Website” for additional information on website maintenance.

As you have seen, your actual business and website are inextricably linked. And your physical business is frequently is your website. This emphasizes the importance of being able to extend and grow your internet presence. So, whether you are establishing a new business or redesigning an existing one, it is critical to consider goals and prepare for long-term success.

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